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Aksu Hanttu / drums

 Date & Place Of Birth:

19.3.79 Lahti


Unconditional, hardworking, understanding, helpful


Yamaha drums, Zildjian cymbals, Pro-Mark sticks

 Vices and Virtues:

Workaholic, partying / diligence, helpfulness

 Musical influences:

Tommy Lee, Matt Sorum

 Coolest musician ever:

Gene Simmons

 Favorite albums top-5:

W.A.S.P.: The Last Command, Machine Head: Burn My Eyes, Rammstein: Mutter, Sentenced: Cold White Light, Mokoma: Kuoleman Laulukunnaat

 Favorite food:

All kind of old fashion home made food and juicy steak

 Favorite drink:

Beer, salmari, russian vodka, white russian, milk

 Favorite movies/books:

The Lord Of The Rings

 Favorite Entwine song:

Twisted, Chameleon Halo, Someone to Blame

 The most embarrassing CD I own:

I don’t have any of those

I’m addicted to:

Summer festivals, partying and having fun

Best place on earth:


Best gig I’ve seen:

Rammstein in Helsinki during Mutter tour

Funniest tour memory:

Back in the days, in 2001 or something, we were coming from a gig in Finland. It was about 5 or 6 o’clock in morning. The whole band was totally wasted. Yeah that’s a big surprise…Anyway, our bus driver was so tired that he had to take a small nap. So, we had to stop somewhere beside the highway. It was morning already and the sun was shining so we decided to go outside to hang around. Suddenly I felt that I wanted to be naked. So, I removed my clothes and went running around the field. Then Jaani joined my club and there we ran around the field like two reindeers. Soon the whole band joined us as well. Ok, Riitta didn’t. She just watched and enjoyed the show. Then we got an idea. We went hiding into a bush and when some car came we all came from the bush and ran in a line across the highway just in front of the upcoming car. It was very funny to see those drivers’ faces…Then we tried different things like what will happen if we hold still like statues on the highway when cars drive beside us. And naked hitchiking. One car actually stopped to chat with us and gave us their last beer and last cigarettes because we cheered up their car trip so much. That was really funny and I still remember it very well. So people, watch out if you’re driving somewhere in Finland. You can see naked Entwine guys running around!

Describe shortly the other members of Entwine:

Tom – heavy metal brother and our Hetfield, Joni – datapunk, Jaani – hauki ei ole kala (pike isn’t a fish) ..yeah think about it. Mika – almost in the end of teenage

10 years from now I’ll be...:

Hopefully still rocking somewhere with these guys


Ikinä ei voi voittaa (you can never win)